Yorkseed™, founded by Jessica Sophia Wong, is a Global Venture Capital Network connecting founders and investors. Originating from a popular spreadsheet at the 2023 SXSW conference, Yorkseed has quickly grown to over 4k members across 19 global city hubs and 3k newsletter subscribers globally. We host exclusive events worldwide and prioritize quality through a rigorous application process.While events are integral, Yorkseed's ultimate goal is to sow seeds for future ventures. Long-term plans include launching Yorkseed Venture for startup investments and organizing a flagship Yorkseed conference. Currently, we're actively seeking collaborations, partnerships, and sponsorships.

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Croissant is an app that provides on-demand access to coworking spaces in NYC & cities around the world. Drop by for a few focused hours or stay for the whole day with (usually free!) coffee & fresh inspiration. As a partner with Croissant, Yorkseeders can use this link to get 30% off your first three months!

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Yorkseed is actively seeking funding, partnerships, and collaborations. We offer opportunities for partners, as well as sponsorship/ad slots in our newsletter, viral conference spreadsheets, and on our site.

Founders seeking funding or sale, investors in search of deals, or executives seeking collaboration, I invite you to complete Yorkseed's Founder and Investor Submission Form.

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Yorkseed is actively seeking funding, partnerships, and collaborations.

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It's me, Jessica! I'm the girl who created the viral list of all the SXSW 2023 unofficial events that could be attended without a badge in Austin. I created this master list during my 3-hour train ride from NYC to DC out of boredom, and it became a huge hit. I walked around city of Austin with a printed QR code, to get people to scan the code and get access to my master list.Based on my success, I hosted an exclusive high-profile Founders x Investors SXSW Mixer with just one hour of planning, which sold out quickly, and I had to turn people away. Encouraged by this, I decided to start this company, Yorkseed, based on the proof of concept from last year's Earth Day Charity Brunch and the Yorkseed exclusive WhatsApp community that I built since I returned to NYC from SXSW.If you are a founder, investor, or work within the innovation sectors, you are invited to join our exclusive Yorkseed WhatsApp Hubs! I created various hubs for conferences that I am interested in and for cities that have a significant startup presence. Please send me a private message if you would like to be added to the hubs, or if you have any suggestions for other hubs you would like me to start, please let me know! I will take your suggestions into consideration.

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The Yorkseed Passport Series consists of themed events held during a season or conference. These events are co-hosted by multiple hosts to facilitate warm, engaging, and supportive in-person conversations and activities within the venture industry.

NYC Innovation Night: Conversations at Gracie Mansion

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Supermoon and Yorkseed 's Founders & Investors Soirée at WebSummit in Lisbon with Near Protocol